Vyommitra Isro’s Half Humanoid.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the finest research space institutions in the world. After its tremendous acheivement of sending its Satellite Mangalyan with a budget less than a Hollywood movie, the world has been looking forward to its mesmerizing achievements. Many space agencies like NASA, Roscosmos Russian Space agency , UK Space have shown interest to collaborate with ISRO in various missions. Not only India , but the wholwe world is looking forward for ISRO’s upcoming missions which include Chandrayan 3(moon mission) , Gaganyan( Indian traveliing to space and orbiting the earth ) and Aditya (Sending Satelite towards sun).ISRO Scientists have considered the failure of Chandrayan 2 mission as a stepping stone to success. They are more determined to acheive further hieghts in Space technology for there country.

Indian Space traveller (astronaut) will be called a Vyomanaut where Vyom is derived from Sanskrit word which means sky. In the upcoming mission Gaganyan where India will be sending its first human to space using its own Space Technology. In this mission the space craft is being designed to carry three people. The Mission is supposed to be launched approximately around December 2021.

ISRO have developed a half Humanoid to assist in India’s unmanned space space missions which will be conducted twice. The Half humanoid has been named as Vyommitra where vyom refers to sky and Mitra refers to friend. ISRO have gendered this half humanoid as female to encourage women empowerment. The half humanoid does look like human but its purely robot. The purpose of the Vyommitra will be ot interact with human tools and help in conducting various experiments. It can recognise the astronoauts , interact with them and assit them as well. Dr. K Sivan Chairman of ISRO informed that this humanoid will be fully functional and mission capable by December 2020 and the experiments will be conducted by sending the humanoid in a space capsule in December 2020 and December 2021. It was develop by the ISRO Inertia Unit in Thiravanathapuram, Kerala India. The Humanoid can provide warnings if the enviorment with in the space capsule are uncomfortable and also check the radion levels with in space capsule as well as living conditions in zero gravity. It will be capable to swicthc carbondioxide capsules. Give full information on flight status to mission control. Follow every comman provided by misssion control.

Few clicks of humanoid Vyommitra built by ISRO

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