Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review 2019

Royal Enfield Classic 350 CC

Royal Enfield a motor bicycle company since 1955, who started their journey from India with a company named Madras Motor and later on thy did wide spread across the glode. Now if you own a enfield they say you are owning a part of history. The thumping roar of RE engine can be heard from far across and people to recognise that an enfield is passing bye. Royal Enfield, like many early motorcycle builders, has its history in bicycles—but it also supplied firearms parts to the British government’s Royal Small Arms Factory. It created its brand name by combining “Royal” referring to royalty and supreme, and the name of the town in which the factory was located: Enfield, England. The first Royal Enfield motorcycle, essentially a bicycle with an engine bolted to the front downtube, was built in 1901. This was introductiion history of Roayl enfield. Now lets head towards the review.

Royal Enfield Classic 350, as name itself it s a classic vehicle. Build mainly for a single rider which has that thumping roar of the bike, made of hardcore metal and with new a trendy design which youngsters do like.

The build quality is very good and vehicle is well balanced however the weight of the vehicle can be felt. You can feel vibrations once the bike crosses 85 kms. As per todays modern generation requirement , we can miss few factors like Liquid cool engine , fuel injection. Auto Breaking System (ABS) , has been provided but not of good stanndards when compared with other brands.I feel the standards could be a little more higher.

It still carries the classic retro meter showing the speed and kms, but it surely does miss the fuel indicator which is a must need in todays geenration.

It is one of the best motor bikes being sold across India and across the globe but I would like the Royal enfield as a brand to evolve and to blend both retro look with modern instruments. It should understand its needs of the customers and produce better bikes altogether. If it could just add a little more power, a little refinement and more relaibilty it would bring wonders to the classic segment RE.

If you are fan of RE no matter what ever you miss you still feel to have it.

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