Oneplus 8 Pro COLOR filter/xray issue

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You might have already did hear this news of an issue that in oneplus 8 Pro, the Camera can see through things. Yes, it is true. the fourth camera with in the third camera model can see through objects as it has the camera can detect infrared rays.

Even though this feature is not directly visible in the camera app, people have to go to option in the camera, select color filter and at the end they have to select the option, once this option does get select it can easily look through objects such clothes and plastics.

Oneplus has informed us that it will soon send an update in which the feature will be permanently disabled, as this feature has raised the question of privacy in several countries.

Oneplus might have started this as an experiment feature and might have imbibed in the phone but later on they realized it can hit them with a privacy issue so they just educated the audience that it is just a simple color filter feature where it does iver the colour.

If you ask me, I feel Its a cool feature in today’s phone and no other phone has this feature till now. It’s like you are holding one of those cool gadgets from Q in James Bond movies.

I hope Oneplus will soon resolve the issue as their primary sales do begin from May 27 and this should not affect them in any way.

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