Harley Davidson Livewire REVIEW

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Lets talk about Harley-Davidson Livewire, a bike they started developing nine years ago, a a motro cycle company who revelutionised cruise bikes across the globe. It is known for it class, looks and powerful perfomance. Harley Davidson as company has grown through people’s review than advertisements.

I think Harley belived it has to reevolve as it heading for future where people will be preferring for electric battery as its energy resource rather than gas/fuel consuming engines and thus it started its reserch on Livewire. Harley Davidson flew around the world offering customers a go on in return for their feedback. Twelve thousand customers, it turns out. That’s a lot of feedback. Based on that, the production Livewire we’re riding today is a ground-up redesign.

It Looks cool, Kind of a mix between a cruiser and a sports bike, it’s got a certain meatiness all Harleys require, but without overdoing it. Most people won’t even know that it’s an electric bike at first glance, until they notice there’s no exhaust pipes on either side, or when it does not have that roaring sound of a. Harley.

Livewire has longitudinal electric motor at the bottom, topped by the 15.5kWh lithium-ion battery with its cooling fins (or ‘renewable energy storage system’ as Harley engineers say.) and the power electronics on top of that. The charging port is on top of the ‘tank’, the wasp-like tail is a particular highlight and beyond that it’s all very familiar – manually adjustable Showa suspension front and rear, Brembo brakes, a low seating position and high-ish handlebars for a riding position that’s comfortable enough for long rides.Harley’s figures are 146-miles around town or 90 miles when you throw in some decent roads, which is good when consider a superbike driven hard would get much the same from a tank. The motor delivers 104bhp and 86lb ft of torque (from zero rpm), 0-60mph takes 3.0 seconds and it weighs 250kg.

What Harley die hard fans will miss is its core sound from the piston. the roar and thump of the engine which can be heard from miles and a signature informing Harley is arriving. Livewire has a sort of high-pitched whine from the bevel gears in the single-speed ‘box, which isn’t entirely unpleasant. There are no gears to shift and noice.

Its fast for sure – from 0-60mph in matter of seconds. One thing is you need to wrestle it a bit in quick direction changes, you need to get adjsuted to speeds and the handle the turns. Once you get adjusted then you will love it. Its super smooth and for sure you will not find any heat generated in between your legs from engine. You get ABS and traction control that operate even when the bike’s leaning over, anti-wheelie and anti-stoppie. It  include the data-enabled H-D Connect system which connects to your phone app and notifies you on charge, somebody playing around and when it is for service due.

The price starts around 29700$ USA and around 29000 Pound in UK. Its expensive but considering its a brand value , build quality the money is worth to many for this product.

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