indian politicians and monthly salary they earn

India is one of the biggest democratic countries in the world. India is emerging leader and is in accelerating grwoth. In India, the politician leaders are defined into two division’s they are Member of Parliment(MP) and Member of legislative assembly(MLA). Parliment includes the responsibility of governing across the nation, while legislative assembly includes the responsibility of state affairs.

Let me go straight ahead with description of how much salary do our, so called leaders earn, Let me start with a member of legislative assembly (MLA) who has the responsibility to govern over a district with in a state. His minimum salary per month will be approximately 1,15,000 INR. This amount does vary based on each states revenue generation.

Let’s move to Member of parliament(MP). An MP who has the responsibilty of particular region on state wise and addressing its priority in Lokh Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The monthly salary drawn by an MP is aprroximately 2,00,000 INR including all allowences

The Honorable Prime Minister of India does earn an amount of 2,75,000 INR + allowance.

The Honorable President of India does earn a salary of 5,00,000 INR + allowance.

Governors of the state do draw a monthly income of 3,50,000 INR + allowance.

This salary package, our dear politicians are being provided for getting elected by the citizens. The hard earned money which a citizen pays as tax helps the government to provide these salary. However if they are being provided such high salary for a Job, dom’t you think there should be someone to review and question them whether they are achieving there promised targets, fulfilling the responsibilities and provide a personal review for each year, by each citizen. Their exists an oposition party to always question the leading party with in the parliment however that is not sufficient. The oposition party more concentrates on their personal politics than the performance of a leader.

I believe in order to organize and bring revelation within the politics these important factors needs to be considers. Every leading politician should be reviewed on monthly and yearly basis on their performance by the citizens.Ending this short information on Indian Politics. I am ending this small information by passing on a thought to think about.

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