mImix alpha Future concept phone


Mi phones have emerged in market recently and with its good and reliable phones have established themselves, The customers do love these budget budget friendly phones manufactured by Mi. Note series looks and feels well and the mass do love the product because its a good phone which pocket friendly.

Recently Mi introduced a concept phone called Mix Alpha .The speciality of the product is that it hasAN endless display with front and back as seen in the above Picture. The design looks fresh and it will bring an awesome feel for Mi fans. At my fist glace it gave me the look of smasung edge series with its display extended towards its back. The display of Mi MIX Alpha extends from front to back.When the screen lights up, it’s like the universe: no end and no boundaries, but a stunningly futuristic feeling.

To tell about its Camera Mainstream SLR cameras still tend to offer 10-20MP resolution.
They promise a 108MP camera is now available in a smartphone.

Built quality is said to be made of Aerospace Titanium with Sapphire Glass and Precision Ceramic.

Mi MIX Alpha’s configurations exceeds that of current flagships. The Snapdragon™ 855+ processor was designed especially for 5G. It comes with 12 GB of RAM and has ultra-fast UFS3.0 512 GB read and write storage.

If launched, it would turn out to be one of the best phones from Mi. Mi should make sure it does not cross its feature of pocket friendly category. Lets wait and see.

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