Combat aero drone vs piloted Fighter plane

The project of US Air Force will have an super autonomous aircraft against a piloted plane in a challenge set for July 2021. The project is to mainly promote Artificial Intellegince (AI) within US Airforce.

The Air Force Magazine also mentioned the development of autonomous fighter jets as a “big Moonshot” for the military. At a briefing organised by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Lt Gen Shanahan said he had exchanged emails last weekend with the team leader on the project, Capt Steve Rogers of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Lt Gen Shanahan said that AI-enabled systems could be used in other ways and its more of a reserach as the whole world is heading with AI in each sector.

It would be a small military experiment with less targets to be achieved.A US military project called Skyborg will explore how the pilot of a fighter jet could control other drone aircraft – which would act as airborne sidekicks. Lt Gen Shanahan mentioned “The last thing I would claim is that carriers and fighters and satellites are going away in the next couple of years,”

The usage of AI especially in driving division( car , bus or an aero drone) is still under research and have a lot to achieve before final test.

The U.S. Air Force variant of the F-35 will likely be the most ubiquitous tactical aircraft . Photos Credits to Wikipedia.