Tim Cook publishes open letter on racism, says apple ‘must do more’

In a letter titled, “Speaking up on racism,” published on Apple’s website, Cook said the company will push initiatives such as bringing more technology to underserved school systems and speeding up progress on inclusion and diversity from within.

“To create change, we have to reexamine our own views and actions in light of a pain that is deeply felt but too often ignored,” Cook wrote. “Issues of human dignity will not abide standing on the sidelines. To the Black community – we see you. You matter and your lives matter

Tim Cook also wrote “With every breath we take, we must commit to being that change, and to creating a better, more just world for everyone,”

Apple just took an initiative towards racism like other tech gain companies like Microsoft and Amazon. Issuing a statement and acting upon it are two different things. Lets see what Apple does bring the change. Just an infor at Apple, only 9% of its employees are black, according to its 2018 diversity data.

Lets wait and watch.

Images Credits to Business Insider.