An App Store for Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is evolving from complex skilled programming to simple classic programming.

In Quantum computing researchers as quantum computing hardware gets developed it would require a software which is made of quantum programming; A quantum app store and a line of code is surely required. It would be not an app store like in your smartphone or current Mac/PC but similar to a code repository of today, such as GitHub—a type of digital library where software developers make the code they have written available to anyone. In future, developers will be able to put in their lines of code that will call on quantum computers to deal with specific tasks a regular computer.

You can see the development and spread of Quantum computers in next five to 10 years because already there is a lot of research going on.IBM has alrady launched its online platform Quantum Exp erience in 2016, giving everyone free access to quantum processors through the cloud, that number grew to a few thousand within just a week. In 2020, the number of programmers experimenting with quantum algorithms s in the hundreds of thousands. The community calls quantum circuits, the sequences of instructions that define commands for manipulating data and making a quantum computer work.

Soon there will be development of quantum circuit for common mass . The past of Quantum computing is research programmers; then, developers; and eventually, quantum circuit libraries—with both open-source and copyright-protected circuits, just as our current Software system for our home computers.

In quantum research we have to know more about quantum programming, gates and circuits. If they don’t, they can’t write code for a quantum computer, and can’t create or use a quantum circuit. Soon developers will start designing more and more circuits for their specific purposes, from machine learning, to optimization, to advanced calculations and scientific research. That will lead to quantum circuit libraries for everyone to benefit from. You’ll simply have to write a line of code in any programming language you work with, and the system will match it with the circuit in the library and the right quantum computer—the one with the most appropriate configuration of the chip, the way the superconducting wires are put together to join the qubits. The usage of current AI inprogramming will also help in developing quantum circuit libraries for everyone.

To know basics of quantum computing

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