Women’s Protest in Switzerlad for equality and pay.

Thousands of women in Switzerland have taken part in a mass scream at a protest to demand equal treatment and an end to domestic violence .During the Women’s Strike, they screamed for 60 seconds at 3.24pm – the time of day when women technically start working for free because of the wage gap.

They also presented a flash mob and held a minute’s silence for women killed by husbands or boyfriends.

COVID 19 restrictions meant there was a lower turnout than last year, when 500,000 people marched to highlight the nation’s poor record on women’s right.

The protestors scream out loud mentioning “I scream for all the other children who lost a mother or a father, and I also scream for my mother, who would have screamed if she was still here.”

Switzerland has a high quality of life but lags other developed economies in women’s pay and equality.

The first Women’s Strike took place a decade after gender equality had been enshrined in the constitution.They marched to the slogan: “if it’s a woman’s will, everything will stand still.”

Activists say many of their demands have still not been met.

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Sandeep Madhavan
London , Uk