Apple on Monday announced  from economic consulting firm Analysis Group that says the App Store generated $519 billion in estimated total billings and sales of both physical products and services and digital goods in 2019.

Apple informs us that $61 billion constitutes digital items the company may receive a 30 percent cut of which includes the biggest category, mobile games, as well as in-app purchases, some subscriptions, and unit sales of paid apps.

Aplle informs us that this figure is not the same as total App Store billings; Analysis Group says it counts some items, like streaming video subscriptions, that may be purchased elsewhere but primarily involve consumption of the media on an iOS device, as well as enterprise app services that are typically purchased by a large company for employee use.

These numbers are very important to Apple because, the company wants not just developers but also regulators to think of the App Store as a sprawling economy that is, in Apple’s words, “dynamic, competitive, and flourishing.”

Out of $519 billion the App Store ecosystem supported in 2019, the research found that sales from physical goods and services accounted for the largest share, at $413 billion. Within that category, m-commerce apps generated the vast majority of sales, and of those, retail was the largest, at $268 billion.

It is. also said that out of the total $519 billion, China contributes an estimated $246 billion and us accounts at just $138 billion.

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Sandeep Madhavan
London , UK