Keen, an interest-based social network launched by Google

Google has launched a new Social Media connector in both Web and Application. They have named it Keen and it will be an interest based network.

CJ Adams, a Keen co-founder describes Keen as

On Keen, which is a web and Android app, you say what you want to spend more time on, and then curate content from the web and people you trust to help make that happen. You make a “keen,” which can be about any topic, whether it’s baking delicious bread at home, getting into birding or researching typography. Keen lets you curate the content you love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you have saved.

I felt it looks and does work similar to Pinterest. Pinterest already been a successful platform would keen find a space ? Lets wait and watch.

Keen Social Media Platform By GoogleTrailer.

Android users can try Keen via the Google Play Store here. At this time, an iPhone version isn’t planned.

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Sandeep Madhavan
London , UK