Mirror of Erised – Living in the present

Most of you who have read ” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ” or must have watched the movie and so you must be familiar with Mirror of Erised. Those who are not familiar, I will give you a small summary of the story.


Harry Potter the celebrated magical wizard studying at Hogwarts , One night during his sneaky night explorations, within the school he accidentally enters into a room where he finds this huge mirror and on top written ” Erised ” , as soon as he looks into the mirror, the mirror does show him two familiar faces one face did look like him and the other had same eyes as he did. He did understand it was his mom and dad. Harry lost his parents when he was a year old and so did he never got the opportunity to see them. He does watch them for some time and later with excitement he does go and fetch his friend Ronald Weasley. Listing to Harry’s experience he does join him and together they go and see the mirror again back in the room. Harry’s excitement was to show him his Parents but when Ron did watch himself in the mirror his experience was something different. He was seeing himself holding the quid-itch cup and he saw himself being a celebrity within the school and things which he always dreamed and desired for. The mirror turned out to be really strange while because for Harry it did show his parents and for Ron, it did show his ambitions.

Next day, Harry does come again to watch his parents in the mirror and he does find Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of the school. The Head Master was sitting over there and wished him a welcome back with a smile. Harry was a little scared but Dumbledore was cool and friendly with Harry, later on, Dumbledore did explain to Harry that ” The Mirror of Erised It shows them nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of their hearts , this mirror would give them neither knowledge or truth. He explains to Harry that Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible. ” He also tells Harry “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that. “


Now Let’s consider this experience of Mirror of the Erised as something we are dealing with which happened in our past or something in future for which we desire and plan. A person who had a very bad experience in the past and still holding on to it and regretting it every day in the present or someone who dreams his desires which he would achieve in the future and forget to live in the present both experiences will neither give knowledge nor truth.

Thinking of your past or dreaming about your future will neither bring you happiness, wisdom nor prosperity. All you can do is waste your precious valuable time in the present, which is a God’s gift and get driven mad or keep regretting the whole life with sadness.
Just Like Dumbledore’s advice to Harry , we should move on rather than holding on to these emotions which we suffered in the past or which we desire to achieve in our future and makes us forget to live in the present.

How to do it?

Realize your strengths , be positive as much as you can, and do what is right for you. Live in the moment by expressing yourself, enjoying the gifted day, giving everything for the work that needs to be done from your hand.

I do understand ” Saying is easy ” but to ” make it possible ” is difficult. From my personal experience I would like to share a few steps that we can do.

Gain Control over your thought Process

First learn to control your thought process. How you can gain control of our thoughts? Simply by reducing the pace/speed of your thoughts. Remember how did you learn to ride a bicycle, a car or how to swim. You did learn it slowly and mastered it and then later on you gained the pace. This same theory applies for your thoughts as well. Slow yourself down and do things in a step by step process. If you think of 100 things at a time, try to slowly bring it down to 90, 80, and so on to one thought at a time.

A healthy Mind in a healthy body

To be mentally healthy you need to be physically healthy. The moment you start to make your body healthy, your brain corresponds with it and believe me your brain would be more sharper and there will be less space for negative thoughts.


Stay connected with your family. No matter how far you are or whatever it takes give time to your family in whichever way possible. Might be over phone, a video call or going near them.


Stay connected with your good friends. Share your present and positive activities with them, know what they are going through and be a person available for them by which ever means possible. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to get back to your good friends whom you have lost your connection with. All you need a start, as you are missing them they might too miss you too. A simple call or a message will do the trick.

Never take your family and friends for granted. They are your biggest asset as well as the biggest strength you have on this planet.


Blend with the nature around you. Grow a plant within your home which you do take care off. Walk around in the morning and make sure you do watch the sunrise and sunset every day without missing it. Enjoy and appreciate how beautiful is nature and the God who has gifted it to you.


Make sure you do listen to music and try to learn one musical instrument. Remember, to learn there is no age limit. You might be as young as 18 or as old as 40 or 45 but still learn a musical instrument that connects with your culture and surroundings. Music has a huge strength in people’s life. Spending money for new phones or gadgets or any extravagance spend money on a musical instrument and try to practice it every week.


Make sure you do laugh every day. Watch cartoons, or comedy scenes in any movies which you have watched, tease your father, mother, brother, sister or a friend. Tease not to hurt but to bring a smile on their face. Say something to pull their legs. Be prepared to get teased as well and enjoy that moment with smile and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine we have and it is damn cheap as well.


I am damn sure you try to do these simple little things I guarantee you that you will be so involved in the present and living in the moment that you will have found no time thinking of your past or future.