WWDC20 Kicks off

Providing a short Summary on WWDC20. Lets Begin

Sarting from iOS 14. In its 14 the introduction of Apple library which converts the pages into a organized library sequence. This is one of the high light features of IOS14.

Apple Air-pods PRO 3, the new air-pods brings the surround system experience with Air pod 3 and automatic switching between devices.

Apple Watch OS 7

New watch faces, including of activities like dancing ,simple exercise , third party app inclusion on face watches, short cuts voice msgs


More Importance to Privacy


Mac OS7 can be named as BIg Sur.

Features like control center coming , upgraded maps, upgrades to iMessage like inclusions of animoji , Safari being 50 % more faster than chrome, inclusion of web translation.

Apple using its own chip Apple Silicon instead of Intel.

Thats with a short summary will soon come with a brief Explanation of the above features.

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