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I had this wonderful opportunity to work for The Walt Disney world, Orlando FL and down in this article will be sharing a small tour with in The Walt Disney world.

The Walt Disney World®, the world’s biggest amusement park, is a self-contained city, covering an area twice the size of New York’s Manhattan. Four main parks comprise the bulk of Walt Disney World®—Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom®—each with its own themed areas, shows, rides, and attractions. More than 50 million visitors pass through the gates each year into the self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on Earth” and home of Mickey Mouse.

The sheer size of Walt Disney World® can make the experience seem overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors, but options abound. Ticket options are varied, with everything from a base ticked that gets you into one park per day to a multi-day Park Hopper pass that allows you to enter one park in the morning and another in the afternoon. Add on a water park ticket for access to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Park-goers who’d rather leave the logistics to the experts can book their own VIP tour with a private tour guide to help navigate the parks, snag a FASTPASS®  and make meal arrangements. For additional fees, the park also offers an array of special experiences, including Disney’s Family Magic® tour, the Backstage Magic tour, and the Magic Behind Our Steam Trains tour. Things to Know Before You Go Walt Disney World® is a must-see for families with kids and theme park enthusiasts. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat. Choose single-day tickets, multi-day park admission, or Park Hopper tickets. Head to Cinderella Castle for a classic photo op. Wear comfortable shoes, and prepare to do a fair amount of walking. Rain is a common occurrence in Florida, so be sure to bring a rain poncho or small fold-up umbrella.

How to Get to The Walt Disney World?

The nearest airport to Walt Disney World® Resort is Orlando International (MCO) which is served by some four dozen airlines. A vast majority of visitors get to the parks by car, though it’s also possible to arrive by shuttle if you stay on Disney® property during your trip. Transportation between Disney® parks and hotels is free by bus, monorail, ferry, or water taxi.

The Walt Disney World Resort is located at a distance of around 45 miles from the Orlando Sanford International Airport, which is at least an hour long drive away. The easiest and probably the only option to reach Walt Disney World Resort is by a cab or you can drive your own vehicle for hire. You can also take a bus if you like. It depends, mainly, where you’re coming from. If you’re staying in an area within a proximal distance and you can figure your way out easily using GPS or a handy Disney World map. The resort is a world-famous destination; it shouldn’t be hard getting there wherever you are

The international popularity of Walt Disney World® means there isn’t really an off season, though summer, spring break, and the winter holidays tend to be particularly crowded. To make the most of your time in the parks, plan your visit on a weekday. If visiting during a busy time, crowds tend to thin out later in the afternoon.

Any time is an ideal time to visit this paradise-like theme park. It is always crowded, but in all honesty, the real fun is to be had when it is crowded. To see people rejoicing because of the thrills the various attractions at this park offers, automatically creates warmth and inviting atmosphere. To visit this place during off-season is not really worth it. The park celebrates community and the happiness that occurs as a result. Nonetheless, if you still want to visit Disneyland when it is less crowded is when there are no holidays when the kids are in school that is to say, or during the winter when the climate is relatively cooler

Lets start with Animal Kingdom

Covering an area of 580 acres, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the world’s largest theme park. A zoological theme park, it espouses Walt Disney’s concern about animal conservation and natural environment. Situated in the western region of the resort, the park is purposely located at a considerable distance from other properties and Disney World parks on their property so as to not disturb the habitat of the animals by external disruptions. The nighttime show does not make use of any fireworks for this very reason. The park is visited by millions of people every year. As a result, it has become the 6th most visited and the 3rd most-visited theme park in the world and North America, respectively.

Pandora – The World Of Avatar

A theme park inspired by the James Cameron film Avatar, every minute detail has been so painstakingly recreated that the views this park has to offer are enough to take your breath away, let alone the rides. One of the latest attractions in Disney World, this park was opened in 2017 and was developed in alliance with Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment, his production company. It is filled with bioluminescent plants, alien wildlife, floating mountains and so much more that a day will fall short to explore each and every aspect of this park.

Magical Kingdom

The first and oldest theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom was visited by 20.450 million people in 2017 and has, thus, become the most visited theme park in the entire world. The logo used to represent the theme park is that of Cinderella Castle, taking inspiration from the castle shown in the 1950 film adaption of the fairy tale. It is, thus, a park that features Disney characters and is a dedication to classic fairy tales. The park was opened in 1971, on 1st October, the layout of which was designed by WED Enterprises, taking inspiration from Disneyland located in Anaheim, California.


EPCOT or the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” was the second park built at this resort. Dubbed the “permanent world’s fair”, the EPCOT Center opened in 1982, on 2nd October, to celebrate culture, technological progress, and human achievement. This center has several avant-garde attractions for the purposes of entertainment and education in the form of a geodesic sphere and the park is also symbolized by a Spaceship Earth. The geodesic dome is a shell structure in the form of a hemisphere. The EPCOT Center is ranked as the 7th most-visited and the 4th most-visited theme park in the entire world and North America, respectively.

Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is situated in Hollywood Studios, although it was previously situated in the Disney California Adventure Park. It is a drop tower dark ride that is 60.7 m tall and you have to be 1.02 m tall to ride. The version at the Florida enterprise is the second tallest accelerated dark ride tower, behind Expedition Everest. This was the original version and was opened in 1994 and also served as a basis for the eponymous 1997 TV film.

Blizzard Beach

A water theme park, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach was opened in 1995, on 1st April and is filled with an endless amount of Disney World rides and pools. The theme of this park is of a ski resort that is melting, hence one of the more popular attractions is the Cross Country Creek and its ice cave where you will witness melting snow, albeit the water in the rest of the park comes well heated for you to swim and enjoy in.

The experiences this resort has to offer is unparalleled anywhere else in the world and is, therefore, a must visit.

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