ESPN+ moves its price up to $5.99

ESPN Plus is getting a $1 price hike in August to $5.99 a month, making the baseline price for Disney’s sports streaming app.

The price hike is only being applied to ESPN Plus’ monthly fee. The annual price of $49.99 will remain untouched. Existing monthly subscribers can keep the $4.99 subscription fee for a period of one year before being switched to the $5.99 price point, documents show.

ESPN Plus launched in April 2018, carrying an assortment of college games and various sports leagues, albeit none of the big ones like NFL or NBA games. ESPN Plus has also carried UFC title matches, which have performed well for the company. The app is housed in Disney’s main ESPN app.

Disney’s executive chairman Bob Iger told Ringer’s Bill Simmons last year that while ESPN Plus is a good add-on strategy for people who already pay for ESPN, and it’s “growing nicely,” the actual service is still “relatively small.” At the time, Iger said because the traditional ESPN network via linear pay TV was “still delivering a fair amount of profitability to ESPN,” making the pivot to a streaming-exclusive world was difficult. Not to mention that pivoting to a streaming-exclusive strategy would require agreements with various sports leagues, who are still firmly in the land of pay TV. 

Due to COVID 19 reasons or thinking of the future loss in coming quaters have made ESPN bring this hike in price or some other reasons needed to known is still unclear.

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Sandeep Madhavan
London, UK