About ME

Sandeep Madhavan


I am Sandeep Madhavan from India and you can call me Sam.

Growing up, I was the kind of kid who will less likely to become a writer. But a few years after graduating from college, I randomly developed a passion for reading and writing which lead me into creating this blog.

My reading and writing

The blog started as my place to share my stories, experience & the knowledge which I gained through my mast 8 years ,my travels for my friends and family .

As my passion for reading various books , reviewing them and writing grew, it evolved into a place where I could be myself for talking basically everything under the scorching sun that I find interesting. I write from the heart.

My Travel Experience

Having been placed by several organizations in different countries, I was lucky in getting this opportunity in exploring different places.

I am a thrifty backpacker. I love taking the road expecially on a bike , and get a full experience of what it feels like to be living in a place through food, culture, and language.

Now I am working hard to travel across continents, between time zones, and to be able to experience the different sunsets of the world.

Things that I am also passionate about:

Minimalist Lifestyle

Reading and Books

Story Telling

Science and Space Programs